Free Photography Tour in Pisa

When a photographer goes to a new place, finding the finest spots for photography is the most important thing must be concerned. I used to live in Venice and there with my best photographer friend, we used to do free photography tours since I moved to Pisa, I am not able to do it in Venice but still, my friend does it there. Since I like to meet photographers, I decided to do it here in Pisa.
Amateur people who are in first levels of photography are even more welcome than professional, and I will be glad if I can teach something for them. So, do not hesitate and just contact me for a tour.


What we will do during our tour:


  • Tour will be between 2,3 hours.
  • We will go to spots, which are more suitable for photography. 
  • I will teach some tips during the tour to improve your knowledge, and vice versa I will learn from you ;)



Do you want more information or have a specific request?

If you have some questions and want to know more about our tours, or if you want a private and more professional photography tour, feel free and just contact me.


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